Silver Wings


Silver Wings is a national organization. Colleges and universities throughout the nation have Silver Wings, which consists of a diverse group of college men and women.

We are a service organization that promotes patriotism. There is no obligation or commitment to the U.S. Air Force or ROTC. We do not march or wear uniforms.


--Personal Development
Local Chapter activities and projects provide character growth through service to the community which enables the individual member to develop a sense of purpose and responsibility to the local community.

--Professional Development
Local chapter activities and the new organizational structure will provide members with leadership opportunities and the chance to develop professional skills, such as oral and written communication through the use of workshops, guest speakers, seminars, project planning and committee membership.

--Civic Awareness
Exposure to Air Force issues and personnel will enable members to develop a personal awareness of aerospace power and the role that it plays in national defense. The leadership and skills development objectives will be enhanced by opportunities for members to actively promote aerospace issues in the community through educational programs, seminars, public relation activities, and voter awareness projects.

History of the Silver Wings
The first Silver Wings was founded at the University of Omaha in 1952. Until 1957, Silver Wings was primarily a national idea with many names (at Louisiana Tech, they were called "Sponsors"), uniforms, and activities. An important unification was realized at the Eighth Annual Conclave of the Arnold Air Society. At that time, representatives from sixteen groups met in New York City to join their purposes under a National Coordination Headquarters.

Founding at Louisiana Tech University
A member of Arnold Air Society, J.B. Barham, presented the idea of starting Silver Wings to the sponsors of squadrons here at Tech. The namesake of our chapter is General Emmett O’Donnell, a distinguished B-29 pilot in World War II and the Korean Police Action. General O’Donnell also served as commander of the 15th Air Force and commander of the Pacific Air Forces. O’Donnell Silver Wings was founded and chartered on November 1, 1965.

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